Lord of the Rings the Return of the King the deep breath before the plunge

Lord of the Rings the Return of the King the deep breath before the plunge


This is the witch king of angmars appearance in the movies.

short explaination of the witch king

The Witch King is a dark servant and leader of the nazgul (Ringwraiths) he serves Sauron and trys his absolute hardest to claim the one ring.

His PastEdit

The witch-king was from the Numenorean descent.  He was given one of the nine rings of power which made him immortal along with the other eight Ringwraiths they were also corrupted and turned into the terrible nazgul. Sauron forced them under his command for 4000 years and when Sauron is defeated they moved into the shadows and were not seen for a long time.

The Witch-King HimselfEdit

The witch king was a very powerful sorcerer which made him excelent for Sauron. The witch king locates himself in Minas-Morgul, on the outskirts of Mordor the realm of Sauron.  With him being located here he is able to come in and out of Mordor very easily.  He himself stabs Frod Baggins with Morgul blade (forged in Minas-Morgul) which poisons and nearly kills Frodo but the skills of the Elves allow the ring-bearer to be alive and continue his journey into Mordor.  The Witch-King leads the orcs into Minas-Tirith in the battle of Middle-Earth on his dragon (Ringwraiths are often seen on horses but in this particular case he was riding a black dragon). The witch-king cannot be killed by a man but he is attacked by the lady Eowyn ends up stabbing the Witch King and it appears to kill him (no-one knows what happened to him).