File:The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers - Samwise the Brave

Sam accompanies Frodo to take the one ring to Mordor.

Who was he when he left the shireEdit

Sam was Frodo Baggins' gardener who lived next door to him.  He also was Frodos best friend and he was also friends with Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry) and Peragrin Took (Pippin) they were all very close friends as they left the shire with eachother.

Sam, Frodo and The One RingEdit

Frodo fled the woods after the counter attack on the fellowship.  Meanwhile Sam followed Frodo as he was pulling away in a boat he said that he would not leave Frodo as Gandalf said that it was required he did not leave Frodos side so Sam kept a promise in doing so and decided to start walking into the lake knowing that he could not swim, so Frodo pulled him up from the water and they stook together and sailed down the river.  Once they arrive in some rocks they appear to see the gangly creture Gollum who throws an attack to try and claim his 'precious' when Frodo and Sam got him off them they make Gollum take them to the black gates of Mordor, but Gollum had something sinister in mind and decides to tell them there is another secret passage into inside Minas Morgul (home of the witch-king of angmar) so they get to the stairs inside Minas Morgul and climb Frodo neglegts Sam and continues inside the passage with Gollum, but they soon incounter a large spider who tries to kill Frodo so Gollum can get the ring, but Sam appears again and explains he promised that he would never leave Frodo so he keeps to his promise and helps Frodo out of the mess as he is taken to the tower.